We are able to compound for dermatology patients. Compounding dermatology medications allows us to customize a formulation to best suit a patient’s specific skincare needs, as per the physician’s request.

We have compounded several dermatology medications. We have the capacity to compound an endless variety of formulations that meet the needs of physicians and patients. Please call with any questions. This information is not an attempt to solicit business, but merely a response to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the compounding of medications.

Bleaching Creams – Hydroquinone + Glycollic acid + Retinoic acid + Hydrocortisone. Hydroquinone lightens the color of the skin areas to which it is applied by killing off the melanin making cells (known as the melanocyte). It is the only FDA approved product for bleaching. There are two well-known products with bleaching mechanisms effective on the skin, hydroquinone and kojic acid. OTC preparations have 2%; Commercial RX preparations have up to 4%. For Physicians looking to use higher percentage such as 6 to 8% of HQ and may be 4% of Kojic acid, they rely on compounding Pharmacists.

Combination bleaching creams. Commercially HQ% is available by itself. Many Physicians want to prescribe a combination of HQ, Retinoic acid and Triamcinolone. The obvious advantage of compounding this, is to provide the patient with 1 cream, which has all three ingredients.

  • Acne creams-
  • Anti-Aging Creams-
  • Wart Formulas-

Anesthetic Cream – Main Ingredients are – Benzocaine + Tetracaine + Prilocaine + Lidocaine. Many Dermatologists use these for Laser Hair removal and minor in office procedures to provide a local anesthtic effect.

Wound Care – Skin Ulcers – Diabetic Foot Ulcers Cream.

  • Pain Creams-
  • Special mix Solutions for Hair growth  – Men and Women
  • Jessners solution-
  • Psoriasis combinations-